Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day One

230km very eventful kilometers from Brisbane to Byron Bay!!
Our day began with a mad rush to finish off the logistics, but we ended up leaving 1 hour late from the Roma Street Fire Station. Steve Cooke, Janelle's (Tinka's wife) uncle, blew the start horn and we were off, heading south at 0630.
We made good time, negotiating our way out of Brisbane city centre.  The police escort we were required to have was a no-show - go figure!!

A few things happened once on the road. Lowndsie and Jase got punctures, there were numerous dummy spits (I'll report on the awards later).  At about 100km  I hit a rock that no one saw in time and I hit the deck pretty hard - non broken bones, so all good, just missing some skin and I'm sporting some great bruises!!

We did some fundraising around Surfers Paradise, but not much luck there - it was almost as though we were speaking a foreign language!!

We got to Byron Bay quite late but before dark.  We got met by the Byron Firies with their pumper and we followed them around the town with lights flashing. It was a great welcome. We are sleeping at the station tonight!

It was an incredible day and today was the longest , so every day should get easier.  We are about to go out and about in busy Byron on New Years Day to get some money in our tins!!

170 km to Grafton tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!

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