Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6 Newcastle to Sydney

Totally awesome day today - although every one of us (including the support crew) is absolutely smashed!!
Today we rode from Newcastle to Sydney, 176 km in memory of Andy's mum, Ruth Weitnauer.
It was a day full of fun, fundraising and suffering. We were met at Doyleson Fire Station by a great firie called Guy Ellis, he rocked up with a Metz Ladder truck and led us all around the central coast to do some fundraising - The Entrance, Shelly Beach and Terigal. We raised heaps and we got to see some fabulous places - who needs to go on overseas holidays, when we have such amazing places here in our own backyard? We all agreed that the northern and central coasts of NSW are going to be one of our next holiday destinations!
We rode to Kariong Fire Station, where the Firies put on a lunch for us - it was fantastic - thanks guys!!  We were then fueled up nd ready to hit the 80 km very hilly road into Sydney. We followed Guy on the Old Pacific Highway - rarely used by cars, just by push bikes and motorbikes. It was hot, hot, hot!!
We arrived at Crows Nest Fire Station just near the Harbour Bridge to meet up with Mark Reilly and his crew, who led us over the bridge and down to The Rocks.   We did some fundraising then went back to the Sydney city station - HQ, where B platoon has made us very welcome. This station is amazing! It is huge, like a mini city - makes Hobart Fire Station seem teeny!

Tomorrow morning we are on Sunrise at about 0700hrs. Tune in!!!

150km to Moss Vale tomorrow,

But the way, we have just ridden 1060kms in 6 days!!! Awesome effort Headin' South team!!

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  1. That area is so beautiful... best appreciated from the seat of a bike...