Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day two part,hot,hot

There were lots of nominees for all the awards - it so hard for the committee (the oldies, Polly, and Flash) to decide, although they never seem to choose themselves, they just give themselves "honorable mentions ".

Tinka will get an honorable mention tomorrow for just putting on a bright green man-kini and parading around the place- too rude for a photo,

We are staying at Grafton in an awesome gym/ house, owned and run by Tracey and Deon ( a retained firie). They have found beds for us all, we swam in their pool, went in the sauna, they prepared  a brilliant BBQ for us and have made us feel very at home. Thanks guys, you are amazing!!

The Grafton Firies met us 10km out of town with their tanker and we followed them in - a brilliant welcome. 

I mustn't forget to mention the Firies at Lismore, they met us at a park for a photo with the local newspaper and then led us out of town behind their pumper. Thanks Lismore Firies, great to meet you!

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