Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 12 Euroa to Melbourne

I'm typing this blog on board The Spirit of Tasmania!! It's so cool that we have made it this far and we have only two days to go. Hobart here we come!!  We are all so blown away dealing that we have just ridden our bikes from Brisbane to Melbourne in only 12 days!! And we have raised lots of money for the ACRF along the way!!

Today we rode in memory of Gavin McPherson, Meg's cousin who passed away when he was only eight years old. We rode strongly for him, for the life he didn't get to have.

It was a pretty eventful and frustrating 155km from Euroa to Melbourne. It was a very crisp morning - the temperature dropped more than 20 degrees overnight! On the highway we were cruising along nicely, no tailwind though, a very slight headwind. The shoulder of the highway was littered with so much junk that we got seven punctures and shredded a couple of tyres, slowing us down a fair bit.

It took us a while to get into the city - traffic was mayhem, despite being Saturday and we got every red light possible. We did some fundraising at the Vic markets and in Swanston Street. Then went down to the port. We met up with some family members and Jono from Tineli - our clothing sponsor, they made the best cycling kit ever! It was great to finally put a name to a face, after we had so many phone conversations with him. Thanks again Jono and the crew from Tineli - we love the gear!!

It's great to be on the boat, amazing to be heading to Tassie!!

Thanks again everyone for all your encouragement and your support.

See you in Hobart on Monday arvo.


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