Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 7 Sydney to Moss Vale

We were on Sunrise this morning - very cool!! We had the Sydney City Ladder Truck as our back drop and we were joined by NSW Firies, riders, Elvises, David and Gilbert from ACRF. We had a quick interview and a few shots of the team!! Great publicity for us- hopefully we will get some more donations from it!! Thanks heaps to Mark Reilly for making it happen! Also a big thank you to B platoon at Sydney City Station for their hospitality!!

After the excitement of Sunrise, we headed out of the city, joined by Marian, Mark and the boys from the 400 in 4 (a charity bike ride those guys do in April every year to raise money for the children's burns unit). Thanks for riding with us guys!

Then one of the support vans broke down and had to get towed and then Karen, Jai, Wal and Barry spent hours on the side of the road waiting for a replacement van! Great job getting a new one organized - well done support crew.

So we headed off, honking down the M5 followed by one support car - Andy and Elsie in the ute!  The motorway was pretty scary - big trucks speeding part, lots of rubbish and glass on the side of the road - we got three punctures!

We arrived at Picton Bendigo Bank, where the gang there put on a fundraising BBQ, the local Firies joined us and we caught up with Jae - a melanoma survivor with a very inspirational story. It was awesome to meet him and hear about his campaign to have solariums banned nation-wide.  Thanks everyone from Picton for your support!!!

We then headed south to Moss Vale on the highway again, temperatures soared to 42 degrees. We had to stop every 30 km for drinks! Then we arrived in Moss Vale to an amazing dinner pit on for us by the Firies. Again, we were spoilt, we loved it and we really appreciate it. Thanks to Danielle and the boys.

Huge day of hill climbing tomorrow, high temperatures forecast and a catastrophic fire danger rating. We will have to really look after ourselves.

Sending all our thoughts to everyone in Tassie. Wish we could've there to help out in some way.


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