Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 10 Wagga-Wagga to Albury- Wodonga

Yay!!! Back on the bikes again!! Fire conditions had improved overnight but there was still a fair bit of smoke hanging around. The morning was cool, at 0600 it was only 15 degrees - pretty chilly, not what we  have gotten used to, so we had our arm warmers and vests on for the first hour or so.
Today we rode in memory of Melissa Strange, the cousin of Ange from Bendigo Bank in Wagga and in support of Ralph Hawkins, one of the regional managers of Bendigo Bank. It was an honor to ride for them today.
Today's trip south was heaps easier than what we have ridden so far. ONLY 130km  (that's so short hahaha). A fast, flat road, with no wind, very little traffic, in pretty good condition. The temperature was gradually rising and hit 33 degrees whilst we were riding! It got hotter later, after we had stopped to do some fundraising and got to about 42 degrees. It's pretty hot right now in fact - it's 1840 and its still 32 degrees. Anyway, we honked along the road and got to Albury by 1130 - total champs, we smashed it! Wal from our support crew joined us on his bike for the last 30 km into town, it was nice to have someone else in the pack!!

We also smashed the fundraising in Albury, cruising the streets with our tins and on the windtrainers again outside the Albury Bendigo Bank, in 1 hour we raised close to $ 1700!! We love these country cities. We then crossed " the border" from NSW to VIC with an escort from the Wodonga Fire Brigade. We're now in Victoria! We are now being really looked after by the Wodonga Firies, both career and volunteer! Firie hospitality is amazing. Being a firefighter is like being part of one big family. Firies can't do enough to help each other out. We really hope that some of the guys we are meeting will come to Hobart or to Launceston so we can look after them as well as they have been looking after us.

Off to do some more fundraising soon, apparently Thursday night is a busy pub night - suits us, you know how Firies love to drink beer!
Forecast for tomorrow is hot and we are heading to Euroa - about 160km of a pretty flat road!!


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