Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day three - fundraising

A short ride today - only 80km because NSW police wouldn't let us ride on the highway between Coffs Harbour and South West Rocks and the only other route was way too far.

We rode today in memory of Station Officer Peter Coppleman who passed away about 3 years ago from cancer. Many of the riders worked with Peter and say he was a great guy!!

We rattled the tins at Coffs with the help of the local Firies - thanks Sally and crew! We raised over $1000!!  We then bused it to the surf club at SW Rocks, with a BBQ and drinks organized by Les and the local volunteer brigade - awesome spread guys, thanks heaps.

The spit the dummy award went to me (Em) for yelling at Andy, for making the king of the mountain finish line about two thirds of the way up the hill (he did get nominated for the dumb ass award for that). The dumb ass award went to Nigel for claiming the king of the mountain title on a hill that was more like a speed hump. Hahaha!

Big day tomorrow - 220km!!!

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