Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day Two part,hot,hot

A very tough day in the saddle today  - 180km from Byron Bay to Grafton. It got to 48 degrees on the road when we were south of Casino, then we worked hard against a pretty decent headwind for 80kms into Grafton. It was a day of rolling hills!

The riders all coped reasonably well in the conditions. Only one puncture, no crashes! What total champs!

I didn't report on yesterday's award winners. So I better do that first then I'll get to today's winners.
Yesterday: Spit the Dummy  award : Karen (support crew) - we could hear her yelling over the phone to Polly, when she was miles away!! 
Dumb-Ass award: Andy (support crew) for complaining about having sore feet from driving all day, in front of all the riders and in front of me - covered in grazes and bruises. Hahaha!!
Pink 4Shaw Socks performance award: to me (Em) for getting back on my bike after the crash and riding another 130km (as if I wouldn't get back on, and I probably should have got a gumby award instead)

Today: Spit the Dummy award went to Jason for angrily lecturing a  team mate - brutal, but he did apologize profusely and nominated himself!
Dumb Ass award went to Jai (support crew) for saying "wow I think I got sunburnt today"- after sitting in an air conditioned car all day. Hahaha!,
Pink socks performance award went to Nadsy for winning the sprint into Grafton. Although he did have some assistance from Flash, who blocked Nadsy's main rival.

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