Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 11 Wodonga to Euroa

Only 1 day to go until we get to Melbourne. AMAZING!! I can't believe it!

Today was 160 km from Wodonga to Euroa. We made great time and got to Euroa just after 1300! We beat the heat, it only got to 43 on the road. We are at Euroa hotel - mixing it with the locals and some passing bikies, filling up our money tins! But the temperature is rising and as the day goes on, it's still getting hotter!

Tomorrow will be another 160km into Melbourne and onto the ferry. So tonight is our last night on the mainland. WOOHOO!! On the home stretch and every one is feeling pretty good. The heat has knocked us around but we are kind of used to it now.

Everyone is in high spirits and no one has lost their sense of humor - you know what Firies are like- always joking around and teasing each other. We are having a lot of fun!

I have forgotten to mention the awards lately, the dummy award went to Flash for telling Tinka to "Stop *##%{£+* singing" when Tinka sang for about an hour on the road - the funny thing is that we were all thinking it but Flash said it. Hahaha
Jase got the ASS award for punching one of the girls at the Bendigo Bank at Albury in the face. It was an accident and he was very embarrassed and apologetic but he got the award anyway!

Stay tuned for report from Spirit of Tasmania!!


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