Monday, 31 December 2012

Headin' South NYE

NYE in Brisvegas!! Headin' South Crew having NYE celebration together at South Bank - last minute carbo load!

We' ve had an insane day trying to get everything organized, ready for a VERY early start on New Years Day.

On our 14 day trip south we have decided to have two awards - " The Ass award" for anyone that does something stupid or funny! And " The Spit-the-Dummy award" for anyone that chucks a tantrum. Anyone can be nominated and then the "committee" aka  Flash and Polly decide on the recipients. These are daily awards. So today the Ass was Nadsy for having trouble putting a straw in a fruit juice container and needing to ask how to do it!! And the Dummy Spitter was Tinka for chucking it when a couple of guys were 30 mins late for our  round the river ride this afternoon (fair enough though, I nearly chucked it too)!!

We are all heading to bed soon, no welcoming in 2013 at 0000 for us!!
We are leaving Roma Street Fire Station at 0530!

So, out next blog will be from Byron Bay - 218 km south of Brisbane!

Happy New Year from the HS crew!!


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